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Vitamin D deficiency has been a constant and persistent thorn in today’s world and it’s increasing exponentially. It is bewildering to register the fact that in a geographically tropical nation like India that receives a very healthy amount of Sunshine, 80 percent of us are Vitamin D deficient.

We at Gold Winner are committed towards the cause of making India Vitamin D+ve. Keeping in mind the fact that a vast majority of Indians are vegetarians we strived to find a vegan solution for Vitamin D. The all-new Gold Winner, fortified with the goodness of Vegan Vita D3+ is raring to bring you your daily dose of sunshine!

We’ve done our part, now together #LetsMakeIndiaDPositive

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Now Think you know everything about Vitamin D, its significance, and scarcity in a tropical nation like ours? More importantly, do you know how many people are Vitamin D deficient right now?

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Your packet full of goodness, sunshine and fortified Vita D3 is now just a few taps away!